Is Your Business Missing the Most Obvious Technology?

Technological advance is fast, there is no doubt about that. Indeed, we possibly live in times when advances are so rapid we can infrequently maintain up. I don’t forget my Dad coming home when I changed into a youngster with the primary ever “electronic calculator”. It had brilliant inexperienced lights and will do adding up and doing away with and we had been able to kind in a sequence of numbers to spell out rude words while you looked at the show the other way up… !

There were no non-public computer systems at that point; even the “whiteboard” had no longer been invented, my teachers nonetheless used chalk on a blackboard. Gosh I am vintage… !

In my lifetime matters have moved on dramatically. Now a teacher in Thailand can supply a lesson to a pupil in Turkey “live” the usage of an “electronic whiteboard”. Not simplest that, however the pupil can ship their work lower back across the ether and it may be marked and sent returned, arriving domestic inside hours, in spite of the lots of miles of separation. It used to take a few days for my Mum and Dad to get letters from the college, simply 15 miles from my home.

Many people are now surrounded via technology. There are the ones clich├ęs suggesting your cellular smartphone has more power than the mainframes that despatched guys to the moon. But it’s miles worse than that. Your cell cellphone has extra technological strength than that computer computer you got simply a couple of years in the past. Moore’s Law indicates that the energy of technology doubles every 18 months. Technological capability seems to be developing exponentially.

This means that we’re all privy to the titanic strength of technology and so we regularly seek solutions to troubles by means of looking for a technological answer. The retail area is a superb example where technological answers could have a clean effect on the business.

Imagine you’re a grocery store owner and you want to alter the price tickets on the shelves. That takes time and people to do it. The regulation requires you to show fees, however as a very good retailer you want to regulate your charges on a every day basis to ensure you maximise earnings. But in doing so, you need to accept the cost of changing all the ones rate tags on the shelves under the goods on sale. Enter the digital shelf tag. This is incorporated into the shelving and as a person adjustments the fee on the principal database which runs the checkout costs, it additionally updates the shelf fee across all of your shops. This is a clear technological gain, enabling supermarkets to increase their profits.

However, focusing on generation can on occasion pressure a commercial enterprise in the wrong route. For example, there are now businesses operating on “emotion detectors”. The idea is that these may be placed in retail shops so that a computer can analyse the emotional nation of customers, leading to modifications in displays to assist pep-up the client. Nice idea, a high-quality technological strengthen. But stores have already got a fantastic emotion detector – a income assistant. The human brain has millions of years of evolution that has brought about a good sized emotional sensor interior every of our heads. You understand you could feel the mood around you with out even searching at human beings. The “emotion detectors” are nowhere close to as true because the generation inside your head.

Similarly, garb outlets are experimenting with “digital mirrors”. The idea is that human beings may be able to strive on several different styles of clothing and notice how they appearance in various clothing all at the same time. Essentially, it’s miles a huge screen that shops photos of every outfit a client attempts on and then shows all of those photos simultaneously. However, although a person is able to compare themselves carrying their outfit they’ll possibly get domestic for their partner to say some thing like “why did you buy that coloration?” Often, people are unable to determine what fits them, however other human beings can spot instantly what garb looks appropriate. Rather than a virtual reflect, all you want is a pal with you who will use the extra advanced era inside their head to say what looks excellent on you.

Sometimes, we get so addicted to era we expect that it ought to supply the answer to our issues. For instance, you can now get a myriad of technological accessories to manipulate your emails. Yet you have got a better control system already, the generation for your brain where all you need is to reset your attitude to email and all at once it’s far managed. People are now spending hours coping with the apps that manage their emails while all they need to do is use their mind.

Businesses may want to well boom their income in the event that they ask a simple query earlier than searching towards a technological strategy for his or her commercial enterprise: may want to a man or women try this? The answer is regularly, “yes” – and frequently at a decrease cost. Perhaps it is time to suppose people first, generation 2d.

Updated: June 15, 2019 — 8:51 am

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